Discover the BCM-Engineering machines:

Our bottle unscramblers and orienters are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each one of our customers.

The BCM-Engineering machines are built around simple and reliable mechanical principles while including advanced technology designed to provide performance and ease of use.

When designing our products we strive:

  • To be perfectly in line with our customer's needs
  • To propose robust, reliable equipment
  • To be able to process multiple formats (shapes, sizes, weights, materials)
  • To be as flexible as possible for format changeovers of a few minutes
  • To be able to add new formats simply and throughout the machine's service life
  • To take into consideration noise, cleaning, maintenance and space occupation constraints
  • To limit compressed air consumption to a minimum in order to make energy savings, but also to preserve the bottle from contamination by foreign bodies
  • To handle the bottles with the greatest care in order to preserve them in perfect condition (especially PET bottles and soft touch surfaces)