Plastic bottles orienter machines

Products can be oriented independently of the unscrambler using the BCM ORIENTER machine.

This fully stand-alone orienter machine is positioned downstream and is fed by a transfer belt from the unscrambler outfeed. The products to be processed are spaced and separated by a transfer screw. The bottles, with or without pucks, pass in front of an optical fibre or a camera which detects a distinguishing mark on the product (handle, offset neck, bar code, printing, a screw thread, etc.) and gives the order or not to a servo-motor to activate product rotation:

  • If the bottle arrives in the correct position it will pass through the orienting guides without any effect.
  • If the bottle arrives in the wrong position, it will be turned 180° when it passes through the orienting guides
Orienter Principle sketches
Orienter Principle sketches

Quick and easy format change thanks to the recorded recipes for each format. When production is changed, the operator simply follows the procedure that is displayed on the screen.

Speed: up to 150 Units / min.