Bottle unscrambler, bottle sorting machines

The BCM linear unscrambler machines sorts, straightens, orients, positions and transports any rigid object. This machine is built into packaging lines in order to feed downstream operations (filling, labelling, capping, assembly, control, etc…).

The bottles are taken from a hopper by an elevator which feeds a vibrating table in the upper part of the machine. This infeed is permanently controlled to avoid bottles remaining in place too long and risking being damaged.
On the vibrating table the bottles are pre-oriented lengthways and move towards the orienting unit. On reaching the end of the table, the bottles move into the orienting unit which places them in a top/bottom position by tipping movements.

Flacons Roll-on

The chute channels collect the bottles with the neck still at the top. The bottles are positioned vertically in them and are only released individually, channel by channel by separators, towards a vacuum belt or towards individual transport pucks.

The straightened and positioned products then exit the machine:

  • On a vacuum belt if all the products are stable.

Vacuum belt

  • In transport pucks if some products are unstable and have difficulties remaining in position by themselves.

Transport pucks

If required, an orienting station can be built into the machine in order to move asymmetrical bottles (offset neck, handle or other difference) in the correct position when placing them in the pucks. This orienting system is built into the machine without changing the space covered on the floor.

Orienting station

Format change

The machine control is used to call up recipes in which many operational settings are recorded. For manual settings, digital position indicators are used to help with adjustments and make format changeovers very simple and fast. A single unique tool is required for all these manual adjustments.

Format change

Adaptation of our offer to each customer requirement

The bottle shapes, sizes and materials, the required speeds, the downstream operations, the installation in a given environment are all criteria used to define the solution required by the customer. The BCM sorter can offer a multitude of solutions.